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01-23-2015 - 16:44:31

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HB 65   Godshall, Robert
Amends Title 20 (Decedents, Estates and Fiduciaries) providing for autopsies.
Companions: HCO 86 (M)
Printer Number(s): P0056 
Bill History: 01-14-15 H Filed
01-21-15 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Judiciary

HCO 16   Cohen, Mark
Expands prohibitions against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, age and makes it consistent with the Human Relations Commission and other pending anti-discrimination legislation.
Bill History: 12-02-14 H Filed

HCO 56   Kauffman, Rob
Requires the DLI Secretary to develop & adopt a complete list of worker classification/craft definitions & makes the list available to the public on DLI's website.
Bill History: 12-05-14 H Filed

HCO 58   Kauffman, Rob
Vacates the prostitution convictions of the victims of human trafficking.
Bill History: 12-05-14 H Filed

HCO 79   Godshall, Robert
Requires municipal authorities to hold an advertised public meeting & demonstrate the anticipated or projected benefit the acquisition would have for tax payers.
Companions: HB 66 (M)
Bill History: 12-08-14 H Filed
01-21-15 H Superseded by

HCO 86   Godshall, Robert
Provides that all audiovisual materials (photographs, video recordings and audio recordings) generated in connection with performance of an autopsy shall be confidential.
Companions: HB 65 (M)
Bill History: 12-08-14 H Filed
01-21-15 H Superseded by

HCO 126   Evankovich, Eli
Requires the Coroner or Medical Examiner to wait a minimum of 24 hours or until the next of kin was notified before releasing autopsy results to the public unless the results posed a public health emergency.
Bill History: 12-11-14 H Filed

HCO 131   Evankovich, Eli
Requires all levels of government in Pennsylvania to disclose annual employee costs to the Taxpayers.
Bill History: 12-11-14 H Filed

HCO 134   Daley, Mary Jo
Requires openness and fairness in the redistricting process.
Bill History: 12-11-14 H Filed

HCO 203   Harper, Kate
Directs the Legislative Budget & Finance Committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the fiscal impact on Commonwealth agencies and local governmental agencies for implementation of the Right-to-Know Law.
Companions: HR 21 (M)
Bill History: 12-17-14 H Filed
01-21-15 H Superseded by

HCO 264   Caltagirone, Thomas
Modernizes how Pennsylvania approaches the long-term reporting of minor criminal records.
Bill History: 12-18-14 H Filed

HCO 292   Costa, Dom
Exempts from disclosure the home address of any public school teacher or other public school employee.
Companions: HB 118 (M)
Bill History: 12-19-14 H Filed
01-21-15 H Superseded by

HCO 310   Tallman, Will
Prohibits government entities or any public or private person from compiling registries and databases of firearm ownership.
Companions: HB 77 (M)
HB 130 (M)
Bill History: 12-22-14 H Filed
01-21-15 H Superseded by
01-21-15 H Superseded by

HCO 543   Krieger, Tim
Gives residents & taxpayers of political subdivision to comment before the board of council at each advertised regular meeting & special meeting without requiring registration before the meeting.
Bill History: 01-08-15 H Filed

HCO 547   Davis, Tina
Requires the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) to hold a public hearing 90 days prior to the purchase of land by DGS for the purpose of preserving or mitigating wetlands as required by federal law.
Bill History: 01-08-15 H Filed

HCO 558   Moul, Dan
Empowers courts to order restitution for all reasonable expenses incurred by a victim when a defendant is found guilty of the crime of Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence or Tampering With Public Records or Information.
Bill History: 01-08-15 H Filed

SCO 13   Teplitz, Rob
Prohibits the state legislature from holding votes in even-numbered years following a general election & the swearing in of the new legislature & bans votes during the period between a new legislature & the swearing-in of a new governor.
Bill History: 12-01-14 S Filed

SCO 50   Teplitz, Rob
Requires the PA Gaming Control Board to prepare detailed, written justifications with supporting documentation for sole source contracts.
Bill History: 12-01-14 S Filed

SCO 111   Eichelberger, John
Requires the costs of arbitration to be split evenly by the parties, by balancing the influence of the arbitration board & making the proceedings open to the public.
Bill History: 12-02-14 S Filed

SCO 113   Smith, Matt
Prohibits retailers from advertising the availability of a rebate by displaying an items net price & requires retailer to mail or electronically pay the amount of the rebate to the consumer within the time period promised
Bill History: 12-02-14 S Filed

SCO 120   Teplitz, Rob
Requires the Governor to report contributions of an appointee nominated to a cabinet office, board, commission or any position requiring Senate confirmation to the majority and minority Senate leadership within 10 days.
Bill History: 12-02-14 S Filed

SCO 123   Fontana, Wayne
Grants the prime sponsor of a bill or resolution the ability to request a public meeting or hearing to the chair of the standing committee on the bill that has been referred to that committee.
Bill History: 12-03-14 S Filed

SCO 153   Greenleaf, Stewart
Authorizes the Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) in DOS to expunge the disciplinary records of licensees for minor violations of their practice act and board regulations.
Companions: SB 63 (M)
Bill History: 12-04-14 S Filed

SCO 164   Greenleaf, Stewart
Eliminates exceptions to the statewide smoking ban, adding e-cigarettes to the law, tightening up and adding definitions and providing for local ordinances.
Bill History: 12-04-14 S Filed

SCO 166   Greenleaf, Stewart
Allows individuals who have served their punishment and remained free of arrest or prosecution for 7-10 years for nonviolent 2nd & 3rd degree misdemeanors, to petition the court for their record to be expunged.
Companions: SB 166 (M)
Bill History: 12-05-14 S Filed

SCO 182   Pileggi, Dominic
Creates an online boundary database for counties, municipalities, wards & precincts, developed by DOS, a searchable online database with election results & voter information & establish dates which election boundary changes are limited.
Bill History: 12-05-14 S Filed

SCO 198   Schwank, Judy
Provides a process that will permit properly identified media to enter a polling place to witness and record events so long as it does not disrupt the voting process or identify individual voters without their permission.
Position: Support
Bill History: 12-05-14 S Filed

SCO 358   Rafferty, John
Provides confidential license plate registration upon request for all judges, district justices, district attorneys, law enforcement agencies doing undercover and surveillance work & PA department secretaries & deputy secretaries.
Bill History: 12-12-14 S Filed

SCO 366   Rafferty, John
Reforms the current practices of the Delaware River Port Authority.
Companions: SB 286 (M)
Bill History: 12-12-14 S Filed

SCO 427   Folmer, Mike
Requires all Commonwealth agencies to note whenever tax moneys are used for advertising: "Paid for with Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars."
Bill History: 12-22-14 S Filed

SCO 517   Costa, Jay
Expands the definition of personal identification information to include birth date.
Bill History: 01-09-15 S Filed

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